Future Value Chain 2020: Building Strategies for the New Decade

“2020 Future Value Chain: Building Strategies for the New Decade” is the third report published as part of the Future Value Chain initiative, a think tank designed to develop a collective future vision and response for our industry in light of the rapid changes impacting consumer goods and retail companies.
The report is published under the auspices of The Consumer Goods Forum, with support from Capgemini, HP and Microsoft. “2020 Future Value Chain” provides a framework to help the industry and individual companies understand the trends that impact our business, envision how they will impact, and then formulate plans to benefit our business from those changes.
The report draws on insights from nearly 200 retailers, manufacturers, academia, logistics service providers, consultants and subject matter specialists worldwide in order to present a comprehensive vision of the industry’s future. This ensures that the report reflects what our industry feels – it is truly an initiative by the industry, for the industry.
This new study follows two earlier reports titled “2016 Future Value Chain” and “2018 Future Value Chain: Succeeding in a Volatile Market”.

Source: www.futurevaluechain.com


Video: Building Strategies for the New Decade

The 2020 Future Value Chain project brought together 200 executives from leading retailers, manufacturers, academics, third-party providers and industry organizations to focus on how, through a set of collaborative initiatives, the industry can continue to bring benefits to consumers.


Video: Strategic Objectives for the Industry

The 2020 Future Value Chain project examined key trends and defined the strategic objectives on which the consumer goods and retail industry should focus its energies.


Future Value Chain 2018: Succeeding in a volatile market

“2018: Succeeding in a Volatile Market", published by the Global Commerce Initiative, Capgemini, SAP and HP, examines the changing trends and dynamics that will impact the consumer product and retail industry in the coming decade. The study brings together insights from 130 of the industry’s leading figures from Europe, North America, China, India, Japan and across Asia. The report also identifies how the industry can continue to meet the needs of consumers around the world, despite the current challenging market conditions.

Download the report here!

Future Supply Chain 2016: Serving consumers in a sustainable way

What does the current focus on sustainability have to do with on-shelf availability and costs in the physical supply chain for consumer goods? The answer is “everything.” Find out more in the new Future Supply Chain 2016 study from the Global Commerce Initiative and Capgemini.

For more information, visit the Future Supply Chain website, or download the report here.

Future Consumer: How shopper needs and behavior will impact tomorrow’s value chain

Our world is changing, consumers are changing. And the speed of change is rapidly accelerating. Consumer behavior will be a primary factor in determining which direction this change will take.

Capgemini’s “Future Consumer” study explores how trends such as health and wellness, sustainability and other environmental issues, the growth of online shopping and the use of new/emerging technologies will impact the way consumers buy, receive, and use products and services in the future.

In this film the report’s authors, Brian Girouard and Kees Jacobs, present our key findings from the survey and we also hear from many consumers themselves about their needs and behavior.

Download the report here.